Creating Opportunity to Reach Empowerment (CORE) is a movement to develop a strong and positive foundation for females ages 13 to 21. Allowing females to understand and maintain a healthy level of self-worth through our digital media and our 501c3 nonprofit with on-campus development.

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“I liked being able to interview/talk to a variety of different women and then attending an event that showed young girls it’s okay to be black,strong, and feminine. Prior to the event and working with C.O.R.E I had never met women entrepreneurs.” – Maria, 21

“I enjoyed writing about content that mattered/was relevant to me as a black woman”- Semhar, 22

“I loved how inviting the atmosphere was! I always felt there was open communication and honesty.” – Toni, 20

I enjoyed most how I had creative freedom, and free expression. my ideas were encouraged and supported even if not all were approved. I never felt silenced and had wonderful people to build ideas with. – Jada, 17

“I really enjoyed my time with CORE and I hope the ladies that join this year love it too and take new skills from the experience. ” – Uriah, 16


teen girls stated CORE motivated them to explore new pathways in their lives.
teen girls stated CORE helped increase their confidence
teen girls stated CORE helped them identify avenues to recognize their self-worth
teen girls stated CORE prepared them to start their career path

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