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Tis the Season 4 Style!


Fashion, Latest | by — December 8, 2016

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Get into the seasonal spirit with a dash of style at the end of the semester!




















Sk8ter Girl x Golfwang

Brighten up your closet with a dose of chill and a dash of cool with Tyler, The Creator’s latest fashion line, Golfwang. His skater life streetwear lets you be comfy while still having a dope spin of style. The artist introduced his flavorful collection mid June of 2016. Since creating his own lane of music his eccentric fashion follows in his visual pieces. The entire collection includes pants, shorts, accessories and overalls. The prices range from from $12 socks to $100 outerwear. All of the pieces were drawn and designed by Tyler himself.


Some pieces may be a little pricey before heading off to college but treat yourself to a statement piece before you hit the campus.

Check it out!

roundglassGolf Sunglasses- Round Yellow

buttonCheetah Button Up


Golf Le Fluer Dad Hat Pink

pinker4Moleskine Pink/White

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Prom Crunch?

Prom season brings excitement but it can also drag its annoying friend stress along, especially when you wait until the last minute to hit the racks! Before you go in full on panic mode, check a few tips to keep your vibes chill during your last minute search!

Body Type- Work your body, move your body! Okay, well you’re around yourself enough to know your body type and how clothes fit especially when it comes to the dance floor. Pick something that’s flattering as well as comfortable when you pick your all-star dress.


Crew Love- Time to ring up the crew and bring in their votes. You should always have the ultimate vote of what you wear but sometimes it helps to filter out bad options when your girls chime in.


Tailor, Gang!- We all deserved tailored clothes, right? Absolutely! Don’t be afraid of alterations or feel like only 40 year old businesswomen get it done to their suits. Alterations are great to get the perfect fit to an off the rack dress!



Stay DOPE.

Second-Hand Style!


Fashion, Latest | by — February 4, 2016

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Ok, it’s second semester and you’re saving up for prom or if you’re a senior that means college is right around the corner! Between saving for your spring break or books for school, you still want to have a few extra coins to treat yourself on a mini shopping spree! Well, we have a hidden trick just for you and that’s called thrifting! Before you turn your nose up to the idea plenty of dope musicians, actresses and bloggers find some of their best pieces in the bins of their neighborhood thrift store! Trust us, you can look hot on a budget and no one will ever know if it cost you $2 or $20!  Check out our thrifty tips!




Divide + Conquer- Just breathe. I know when you see racks and racks of clothes that aren’t color coordinated or specifically styled it can make you walk back to your car. Well, fight the urge and divide and conquer. Have what you’re looking for in mind and go section by section. Mentally section off  each part you would like to hunt and start at one section an move on to the next. accessories, shoes, etc.



First Saturdays- First Saturdays aren’t just to kick off the fun of the month but don’t forget the sales too! Majority of thrift stores have half off of all items on the first of the month. Talk about the deal of the century, right!




Be Open-Okay so the store isn’t filled with tons of mannequins with ready to made outfits so you have to be open-minded to pieces. You might not fall in love with a top right away but take a moment and see what you can pair it or style it with. Style is your personal imagination running wild.



Stay dope on a budget!

Fall to Fresh!

Staying fall fresh is key this season! From cute accessories to edgy pieces, autumn style allows you to remix summer trends while giving your look a new twist! Take a glimpse at a few fun fashion picks that your fave celeb style stars are rockin’ this year!

giphy (14)

Bang, Bang!- Pew! Time you pull out the big guns aka hot bangs! Give your look  a wispy and mysterious makeover by just a quick snip, snip to your strands! Plus, they look super cuter under a beanie or wide-brimmed hat.

(Photo Instagram)

(Photo Instagram)

Cap Me Off- Speaking of hats, add them to your wardrobe! Want a casual, cute and cool girl look? Pull out a simple cap to dress down your outfit that makes you look effortlessly fly!

Photo Credit Instagram

Photo Credit Instagram

Button Up- We know flannels are in every girls closet for fall but go the extra mile or should we say button? Less is more and femininity is not baring it all, it’s keeping it chic by your own persoanl style. So this trend is one that you and your parentals may agree on.

unnamed (128)

Photo Credit: Instagram

 Print fresh- Florals + prints aren’t just for spring anymore! Time to bloom into colorful looks this season. Neutrals are chill but knock your ‘winter blues’ with a splash of bold picks.

Photo Credit- Instagram

Photo Credit- Instagram

Eye love it!- We love sunnies (even if there’s no heat that comes with it). Shades are making their way to closets all year long and it’s time to have fun with them! Top off your look by throwing a little extra shade.

Photo Credit Instagram

Photo Credit Instagram



Happy Fashion Finds!

DOPE style.

Summer style is here and so is the movie of our generation, DOPE.  Style always repeats itself  + of course makes a special appearance every 10 years or so. Well, there’s no surprise that the 90’s have been making a strong comeback for the past couple of years, right? Time to check into our style guide and see which 90’s trends we’re playing with this season—>

Box Braids- From Janet Jackson to Brandy, box braids are not only stylish but an easy way to protect your strands in the summer! Ok, so it takes like 6 hours to get done but you can enjoy an entire summer of care-free tresses!


Tumblr Image

Overalls – C’mon so you know overalls were going to make the list! Either the one or double strap, overalls are a key component of 90’s style and slowly creeping back…just saying.


Tumblr Image


Tumblr Image

Fresh Flannels- Either around the waist or turned into an updated cardigan, flannels have become a staple piece on today’s style.


Tumblr Image


Tumblr Image

High Top Sneakers- Stay comfortable, chill & chic! It’s all about being comfy especially in the summertime. Pull out those high tops and get to movin’  towards some good vibes!


Tumblr Image

tumblr_myy4i8AOdc1tod7lro1_r1_500 (2)

Tumblr Image


Stay DOPE, babes.



Festival Fresh!

szYes, spring is here and do you know what that means? It’s time to get your festival style ready to rock this season! No matter if it’s a free outdoor concert in your local city or Lollapalooza, it’s time to step up your threads. Now, we’re about hit you with the 5 C’s to help you nail your festival fashion. Check it out!


Cool- Of course, the first  ‘C’ is cool.  Not only do you want to be fly as you’re rockin’ your wide-brimmed hat but you also want to be physically cool too! Back-to-back shows going from stage to stage can have your body temp rising while you’re vibin’ to your favorite artists. So cut offs, loose fitting tanks and sun glasses are all great must-haves to keep the sweat down this year.



















Chic-  Yes, keeping it laid back chic is important too. Even if  you’re going to keep it cool with some skin out make sure it’s still stylish and not over the top exposure. If you’re rockin’ a pair of cut-offs pair it with an off the shoulder shirt or if you’re wearing a crop top pair it with a longer flowing skirt. You get the drift, right?



Comfy- Grass, dirt + mud sometimes aren’t the best accessories  with a fresh fit so make sure to keep it comfy. Footwear is key!  A pair of gladiator sandals or combats (especially with toe stomping) are great go-to options. If you’re not comfy, how can you sing all the lyrics to your fave artist’s song?
















Creative -Staying on trend is great but adding your on touch is what style is all about. Borrow your mom’s broach or vintage boots and remix them to fit your look. Take risks and have fun when festival hopping this year.



Chill- Let’s chill!!! Chill and enjoy the music. Whatever you put on make sure you can move, dance and have a ball with your friends with whatever you wear.





Happy Festival Hopping!

Winter Style Guide

So you’re stumped on what to pull from your closet this winter? Hmm no sweat!  We’re here and showing you what comfy + cute pieces  you can pull from your closet. Not only can you pull these items from your closet but from your parents drawers too.  It’s all about  remixing and making them your own.  Check it out!


Chunky Sweaters- Who doesn’t love a thick + cozy sweater when there’s a blizzard outside? Ummm everyone! Pair up an over sized sweater with skinny jeans, leggings, tights or skirt and rock it out this season!





Faux Fur- Yes, we love the animals! So go ahead and pull out your fake furry pieces and doll them up. Either casually with denim or an extra piece of flare with a dress, faux fur is classic for winter!




Top It Off- This is the perfect accent to any outfit + will have you looking top-notch this winter! Whether it’s a wide-brimmed hat or beanie, keeping your head warm is not just a necessity but a style statement. Choose well!



Glitter Girl- A glitter girl in a digital world! Aren’t we all? Get a splash of glitter! Not only is it great to shine bright for New Year’s Eve but for the rest of your life.



Flannel Fresh-  You can never go wrong with flannels in the wintertime …at least we don’t think so. Matching up combat boots or booties with them can effortlessly remix your style in one move!




Doing It In Denim!


Fashion, Latest | by — September 8, 2014

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Yes, it’s true that some styles seem to never go out of style & denim is one of them! You can dress it up, dress it down & have fun with about every accessory under the sun, right? Take a look at these cute denim styles that we’re loving for this fall!





Boyfriend Jeans

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Skinny Jeans Classic



Acid Wash 




High Waisted Denim



Check out Teala Dunn’s dope InstaGLAM’s style!