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Crush Alert!

“Okay say calm, don’t freak out and most important do not tumble down these stairs. You’re good, just be yourself and don’t over think the situation. Wait, did I spill something on my shirt earlier. Ugh! I hope he doesn’t notice! Ok, ok here he comes! Wait do I look? I don’t want to stare! Oh he’s gorgeous! Oh my goodness he’s looking! He’s looking! What do I do?? Dang! I knew it was a step there!Nooo! Now, he’s going to think I’m the weird girl who can’t walk down a flight of stairs. My life is over!’”

Yes, these are all the dramatic thoughts that popped in your head 2.5 seconds before you turned the corner to walk by your crush. For the past 2 months you have been relating every love song on the radio to him and your guys “future” relationship. Now you’re tired of just imagining the first conversation you will have with him, the first laugh you, or even the first kiss. To be honest you’re not even sure how much you even like him since you guys never officially exchanged words but long glances instead.

Here are few ways to catch the eye of your secret crush

Kick Up the Confidence– You’re smart, beautiful, talented, hilarious, ambitious ….yes the list can continue to unfold. The problem isn’t that you don’t know how fly you are it’s just when you see your crush you start to question all your great traits. Well, it’s time to throw those insecurities out the door…for good! Just because you see someone you may be interested in that doesn’t mean that your characteristics vanish. Actually it’s time to embrace your qualities even more. Once you begin noticing everything you have to offer, your nervousness will go out the window. You’ll realize that he should want to get to know you better!

Laugh It Up!– Your life is already stressful enough, do not add your crush to the list of things that keep you from getting 8 hours of sleep at night. The experience of crushing and attracting people is a fun experience. Not only guys but people are just naturally attracted to people who enjoy to have fun and are not afraid to be themselves. Once you get all the extra nervous jitters out of your system and your natural fun personality come through, you will start to see a major difference in all who you attract.

Brains Over Beauty– Yeah, I get it. All the rules tell you to bat your eyes, switch your hips, and make sure your face of makeup is perfect to get a guy. Hmmm Toss it! Yes guys do notice your appearance but you’re already beautiful so what’s next?? If you’re truly interested in catching the guy you like stop looking at him as a guy and look at him as a person. In this case you will be able to talk to him like a friend and have a chance for you guys to truly like each other as a whole. They’re tons of fly girls but only few have a fly attitude to go along with it.


So go ahead and catch the eye of that special guy, I’m sure it will turn the other way soon.

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Silence the Violence

Each time a life is taken away by another individual there’s pain, sadness & frustration flowing through the situation struggling to understand the reasons behind the senseless actions. These emotions are especially magnified when it happens to an young person who hasn’t even had the chance to truly start their journey of life or tap into their dreams. Our hearts are still heavy after learning that 14-year-old Treyonta Burleson had her life snatched away by another teen who shot and killed her during a petty dispute that she wasn’t directly involved in that started on Facebook. Treyonta was a bright beam of light who was spotlighted as a ‘Featured Girl of the Week’ on C.O.R.E in 2013. It shakes our spirit and rattles our minds that the one aspect she wanted to change in her life was to improve her neighborhood and stop the violence.

Social media is a powerful tool that is now a staple for teens and some simply couldn’t imagine a life with out it. Even though it can bring millions of people together it can also have the same effect of tearing others down. Words are the pathway to actions if we give them permission. Violence rapidly stems from arguments starting online and eventually pokes its head out in real life after sparking the fire for so long.


Love. The one word that holds so much weight but none all at the same time. Love is the word said as commonly as ‘hello’ that people often forget that’s the one purpose why we were placed on this earth.  We first have to genuinely learn how to love ourselves  and believe in our own light & purpose.  We can only value another’s life if we truly value our own. The simple fact that so many teens of color are dying by the hands of each other shows that there’s a lack of love for ourselves so it’s difficult to appreciate anyone else’s journey.

Life is an intense quest filled with bubbling highs and dark lows. But the beauty of it is we have each other for support and encouragement. Instead, of constantly becoming enraged with each situation that you disagree with just stop. Stop to truly listen what the other person is saying. Stop to see where is it stemming from. Stop to see is this a personal insecurity you’re actually dealing with yourself. Stop to see if your abrupt actions are worth the consequences.

If another can easily anger you, it is because you are off balance with yourself.

Rest in beautiful peace, Treyonta. Thank you for shining your light so bright that others were encouraged by your life.

Sending love + light up.

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‘Why Don’t You Cry?’

Need a study break? Check out Willow Smith’s new song —-> Why Don’t You Cry?

Take a peek as she takes you on an emotional ride with her creative vision!


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Because it’s true we all have them….#FirstDayofSchoolThoughts! Check out our faves!


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Music Mix!

Time for a music pick-me-up with Little Mix – Black Magic—->

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Summer Reset!

(Tumblr Image)

What a whirlwind life can send you on! Things are changing in the blink of an eye. One day it’s your freshman year of high school and the next you are applying for college and scholarships. You need a break. It’s time for a reset. Summer is here and everything about you needs to say that you are ready. You’ve been cramped up in the house for months, thanks to little Miss Winter. It is time to get activeand knock off those cobwebs. Enjoy being able to hang outside. Go for walks with your friends, join asummer softball league, or do yoga in the park.  Lucky you, you’re young and your metabolism is in overdrive (compared to what it will be later in life—trust me, I know). It doesn’t take much to tip the scale in your favor. Give yourself 20-30 mins, 3 times a week. That little bit of winter weight will wilt away.

The temperatures are rising and everybody is rocking crop tops, skater skirts, and high waist denim shorts. Don’t get caught with the burger bloat.  As the new season settles upon us, you should also take the time to cleanse your body. A good starting point is to remove the junk food and fried food from your diet. Indulge in seasonal fresh fruits and veggies and fire up the grill for your meats. These are sure ways to get good sources of antioxidants and vitamins while keeping your bad fat intake low.




Two things that collect dust: your wardrobe and your make up brushes. Take the time to clean and organize your closet. Obviously, you want to remove winter’s heavy coats and thigh high boots, but you also want to make sure you give those summer clothes a good wash. Everyday your face sheds dead skin. That dead skin is spread to your make up brushes. If you don’t have a consistent cleaning regimen for your brushes, the new season is a great time to incorporate the habit. You don’t have to buy a fancybrush cleaner; all it takes is a little soap and water. Run the brushes under hot water.  Add your soap,lather, and rinse. Repeat. I highly recommend Dr. Bonner’s Castile Soap for a deep, deep clean.

(Tumblr Image)

(Tumblr Image)


You can purge your body, move your muscles, and dust your closet, but the reality is a reset isn’t official until you’ve done something different to satisfy yourself. I am not talking about going for ice cream or hanging with friends—something extraordinary. Take a trip, visit a theme park, or lay on the beach for hours at a time. Doing your different doesn’t have to break the bank, but it does have to be a everlasting memory. Celebrate your life and the fact that you’ve attained goals you set out to achieve.




You deserve it!

Here’s to a good reset, health and beauty!

-Heidi Thomas

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Watch Willow!

Time for a midweek music mix with Willow Smith—-> “F Q-C #7”


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Lost In The Mix!

(Tumblr Image)

From the parentals demanding 1,000 tasks from you to your friends wanting to be their counselor to your boyfriend missing you, it’s completely easy for you to get lost in everybody’s world! Relationships are apart of our daily routine. Yes, we all have those days where we want to crawl in bed to avoid everybody for weeks (private island, anyone?). But we have to face our lives making sure we’re managing healthy connections with people without being drained or lost in the mix of everybody’s lives! Ok, enough with the mini sermon + now to the quick tips that will change your life!

Space + Time for Yourself- I know your friends are like your sisters and your boyfriend is your future husband BUT sometimes you actually need a breather from everyone. A little space + quiet times allow you to unclutter others thoughts and really dig into how you feel and your outlook in life (without anybody’s opinions).

(Image - Tumblr)

(Image – Tumblr)

Everybody Is Not For Everything- Ok, have you ever been frustrated telling a friend something that they simply didn’t understand or didn’t care about? Before you write them off completely just realize you have different friends for different spaces in your life. You may have a homegirl who’s lively + fun who’s great for parties and another friend is a great listener, you see where we’re going with this? Give your friends a little space to see what their strong points are!

 giphy (2)

(Tumblr Image)

Pockets of Happiness- Pause! What makes you happy? No, like really happy when no one is watching or looking.  Knowing what makes you happy will allow you to not feel drained when you deal with everybody in your life. Remember you can’t fill others glasses of happiness if yours is always empty!

Ask + You Shall Receive-  It’s true. It can be scary to say ‘No’ to the people who you care about  because it’s a fear they may get mad or leave your life. Ok, so quiet the drama queen in your mind for a sec. and just listen. People who really love you will understand and respect your options to have time for yourself or have some ‘me’ time when you ask for a little space.




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Meet Kyndall!

Summertime brings warm weather, chill times + the cool,  addictive sounds of  Kyndall! Hailing from Houston, Texas the 19-year-old songstress is making a buzz on the R& B scene. Currently signed with Atlantic Records, Kyndall  recently released  her 6-track EP Still Down including her latest video for “Close To Me”.

Her hot EP  presents a heap of gritty, bass heavy R&B. This ambitious beauty has worked with the talents of Boi 1da (Drake, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar), Chef Tone (Trey Songz, R. Kelly, Jamie Foxx), Maejor Ali (Justin Bieber, Drake, Kelly Rowland) & DJ Dahi (Drake, Lily Allen, Big Sean)  in creating fresh music for her generation.

Her songs are a modern day throwback to the days of 90’s R&B where young female artists like Aaliyah, Brandy and Monica provided the soundtracks to a generation of teenage girls, but also deftly bridged the gap between youth and adulthood. With just six tracks Kyndall makes it clear: She’s an R&B package to watch!

Let’s get to know Kyndall a little better…



You’ve recently released your hot 6-track debut EP Still Down, what did you want listeners to feel + take away from your music?

Ultimately the goal was to introduce myself musically in an EP that held up over time. I wanted ’Still Down’ to feel fresh, vibe-y and still have classic storytelling at the same time.

Emotionally speaking, all 6 records follow my heart and head through my first serious relationship; If I have my way, people will connect to me bearing my soul & and feel less alone in this crazy game of love.

Your single “Close To Me” is an addictively smooth + chill track, what inspires your music?

The EP was created in Houston and we shot the music video in Galveston Island, just outside of Houston which is  ‘addictively smooth & chill”. I think Houston really inspired the vibe found on ‘Still Down’ as much as my love life.

Style is a way to describe yourself with out speaking, how  does your fashion + music style connect?

My style falls in line with the tone of my EP… I’m usually shaded up in dark, urban,  monochromatic silhouettes  and of course the Houston trademark, my grill. You can take me out of Htown, but you’ll never take Htown out of me. #bornandraised

You’ve already accomplished so much at the young age of 19! If you had to choose, what would be the biggest highlight in your blossoming career so far?
Thanks! I don’t quite feel that way. I’m just getting started & “Still Down” is my first, “Hello, my name is Kyndall” to the world. The biggest highlight so far has been the release of 2 of my music videos (“Playing Games + “Close To Me”). We worked so hard on shooting 3 music videos in 3 days, through freezing rain. It was incredible to shoot in my own hometown and having family and friends visit set.  I’m really looking forward to producing my live show. I expect that to be a major highlight ahead.



Being young and having responsibilities can sometimes get to be a bit overwhelming, how do you regroup and motivate yourself when you’re feeling a little defeated?

Two things: I think, “WWYD”: What Would Yonce Do? I genuinely do. I mean, she doesn’t really strike me as one to wallows in despair.

And I also think: “No weapon (formed against me shall prosper) ”…It’s like a Biblical reminder that I’m good, no matter how things shake out.

Your future is shining extremely bright! What projects can we expect from you in the near future?

Other than developing my live show, I’m currently working on a new body of music to release as soon as it’s complete, no more long lead ups. It’s time to go!

We are all about female empowerment, What does EMPOWERMENT mean to you?

Empowerment to me is taking control. I feel empowered when I’m not a follower. In this business everyone has an opinion about you and what you should be doing. I was called stubborn & difficult when I shelved  an earlier EP, but I didn’t connect with it and I couldn’t sing a lie. I took control and released a project that’s all me, and I’m extremely proud of that.

Time for the Faves! Celeb Crush? Artist? Food? Movie?
Celeb Crush?



I’m alternating between HTown’s own, Travis Scott + Tory Lanez from the 6. Throw some Jhene Aiko in there & now we have a party!

Food: Been trying to find a happy medium between being a health nut  & binging on cajun food. I’m working on it. There’s GOT to be a happy medium!

Movie: I come from Musical Theatre, so I’m really into movie-musicals. My faves “Pink Floyd The Wall”, “Sweeney Todd” & “Across the Universe”.

Check out more Kyndall here…






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Music Mix!

Fresh sounds, cute faces, dope dance moves…check out History In The Making—>Walk Away!


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