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Obama Lessons for 2017!

In honor of the greatest First Family leaving the White House, we’re sharing a couple of gems that they showed us to keep you fired up for 2017!

Know when to *drop mic* & exit! – This year remind yourself that you don’t have to prove anything to anyone other than yourself. Just be the best version of YOU and if others don’t approve… Yep, you got it. *Drop mic & walk away*

Show love to yourself  & your crew! It’s sometimes tough to find loyal friends that motivate you and want you to win in life, so take time to celebrate them! Show the awesome people in your life that you love + appreciate them. And sprinkle love your way too!


Brush it off! Yep, brush it off this year! Anyone or anything who doesn’t pour into your goals or dreams you just need one simple move as  you walk forward.  Two swipes to the shoulder as you continue  crushing your goals!


Stand in YOUR truth– You are AMAZING. And now it’s simply time for you to believe that about yourself.  You have strong ideas that are going to change the world. That makes you a boss not bossy.


NO Distractions– If it’s Netflix, your homegirls, TV, or even our most beloved internet, work on trying to not get distracted on a daily basis this semester. Trying to score a dope internship or make the honor’s list at school?  FOCUS.


HAVE FUN! Yes, have fun! There’s  time for working hard but also there’s time to let loose and celebrate your accomplishments. Scored high on your PSAT or got accepted to your college of choice? CELEBRATE!



Oh, the Obamas! We’re going to miss you!

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Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed

A few days ago, I was involved a debate with some people on Facebook as to whether or not President Obama should make a statement about the Trayvon Martin case, especially after how upset so many people are after the verdict. Some people felt that we shouldn’t expect President Obama to say anything because he would most likely catch heat for it if he did. I was one of the people who thought that he should say something because his words could possibly make a difference in how people viewed the case and people’s reactions to it. I also thought it was his responsibility to say something about it because it’s a huge issue that is dividing people in the country of which he is the leader. About two days after that debate, the president did make a statement about it, and it seemed to make a lot of people happy, including those who felt that we shouldn’t have expected him to do that. It was known that a lot of people were looking for the president to say something. Did that contribute to his decision to express some of his thoughts on the matter? Who knows, but I TVbelieve that it did. Even if it didn’t, a lot of people were surprised that he made those remarks because they expected him to take the easy way out and not say anything. Well, by making coming out on Friday and making those remarks, President Obama showed that he would not cower away from this difficult conversation, and he also invigorated those who agreed with his comments.

Telling you that story serves two purposes: 1. I want you to know that it is okay to challenge those that you love and support. 2. I don’t want you to be too much of a coward to speak up for your needs, wants, and beliefs. Those two concepts can be applied in almost every aspect of life. If you’re in a relationship with someone whom you love and adore, it is absolutely okay for you to tell them that you want more from them. How will they know that you are unhappy about something if you don’t tell them? If there is a politician that you support, then do all you can to help get them elected, but once they are, don’t be afraid to hold them accountable for the promises that they made. Supporting someone doesn’t mean that you can’t disagree with them. They say that the squeaky wheel gets the oil, so don’t be afraid to make some noise and get the things that you want and deserve out of life. Our society is so concerned about being politically correct and not offending people that truth, morals and common sense are often discarded in favor of appeasement and pacification, and we all lose out on meaningful conversations which can lead to substantial change because of it. Don’t be afraid to speak truth to people and require the same in return. They may not always like it, but real people, those who can keep it 100, will respect you for it.

-Tiffany Vicks

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