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No Holiday Drama, Right?

5. Just Breathe. Ok, between  it being finals season and your mother constantly asking you to help make the dressing, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Just remember to take a moment and simply breathe. It’s better to have a moment to yourself rather than blowing up on everybody around you. Dram-free zone!


4. A Helpful Hand! Don’t want to hear the parentals mouth? We say:  Do it before they can say it.  So if you see dishes in the sink beat them to it before they can ask you to do them. Trust us you’ll feel better when you’re chillin’ in your room and you can  hit them with the “Already, did them” response when they pop in your room.  


3. Stay out of the tornado aka family stress! Ok, so the best way to stay safe from a real tornado is to stay out of its way. It’s the same with dealing with highly stressed family members. Sometimes it’s better to just step to the side or head to another room to not add more fuel to the fire.  Umm time to check out for a bit!


2. Phone a Friend! Yes, I would like to phone a friend for this one! It always helps to know that you’r e not the only one on the edge of a slight breakdown. Call your friends and chat it up for a bit. Swapping stories of each others’ ‘cray cray’ moments with your fam makes it a little easier to deal with your own family. 


1. Embrace it & let it go! Hey, you gave it your best shot, sometimes you ave to raise your hands up and dive into the family crazines. What would the holidays be like without your ol’ school Uncle + your story telling Auntie!