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Obama Lessons for 2017!

In honor of the greatest First Family leaving the White House, we’re sharing a couple of gems that they showed us to keep you fired up for 2017!

Know when to *drop mic* & exit! – This year remind yourself that you don’t have to prove anything to anyone other than yourself. Just be the best version of YOU and if others don’t approve… Yep, you got it. *Drop mic & walk away*

Show love to yourself  & your crew! It’s sometimes tough to find loyal friends that motivate you and want you to win in life, so take time to celebrate them! Show the awesome people in your life that you love + appreciate them. And sprinkle love your way too!


Brush it off! Yep, brush it off this year! Anyone or anything who doesn’t pour into your goals or dreams you just need one simple move as  you walk forward.  Two swipes to the shoulder as you continue  crushing your goals!


Stand in YOUR truth– You are AMAZING. And now it’s simply time for you to believe that about yourself.  You have strong ideas that are going to change the world. That makes you a boss not bossy.


NO Distractions– If it’s Netflix, your homegirls, TV, or even our most beloved internet, work on trying to not get distracted on a daily basis this semester. Trying to score a dope internship or make the honor’s list at school?  FOCUS.


HAVE FUN! Yes, have fun! There’s  time for working hard but also there’s time to let loose and celebrate your accomplishments. Scored high on your PSAT or got accepted to your college of choice? CELEBRATE!



Oh, the Obamas! We’re going to miss you!

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