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Condish Your Strands!

With wash and go season fast approaching. Here are our top five favorite conditioners to get you prep!


Corse, curly, wavy or over processed hair:

One might decide this texture as dry, unmanageable, and or frizzy. Conditioner aids in all three. When hair is conditioned properly (equally parts water to conditioner) hair instantly becomes softer to the touch.  While detangling corse, curly, wavy or over proceeded hair with conditioner, not only are you eliminating frizz by smoothing the conditioner on the your hair with your hands, but also exposing your true curl pattern (for my ladies who rock wash-and-goes, this step is extremely important).

Straight hair: One may describe this hair as oily toward the scalp and drier, frizzy (fly-a-ways) on the ends. When using conditioner, use it only on the ends to keep hair from being weighed down. Again, smoothing the conditioner with your hands is important to keep frizz at bay before blow drying.

Everything starts with moisture. The only true way to get moisture in your hair, is at the start of your hair routine. Shampooing with the right shampoo and of course conditioning. When hair is properly moisturized the results of your curly style and even your blowout last much longer hut most importantly looks way healthier.

Top Five Fav Conditioners!

Hair Rules Quench- $29.99


Aussie Moist – $5.49


Dry Bar Sake Bomb- $24.00


Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious


Tresemme Luxurious Moisture – $5.98


-Beauty Editor, Autumn Marie

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