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Good Morning Smart Ladies,

Billboards, TV commercials, Magazine Ads. How many of you feel like different ads impact your choices?? Even if you do not think they have an affect on you, they do. The most important factor is to be mindful of what you take in.

 California’s Tobacco-related Disease Research Program did a recent  study that shows Tobacco companies strongly targets California’s African American youth.

The results showed that there were more advertisements for cigarettes around predominantly black high schools opposed to other high schools. Another disturbing fact shows that as the African American population of a high school grows, so do the number of cigarette ads! Black students were also more likely to recognize a Newport adthan other races, and low-income neighborhoods reportedly see greater instances of underage tobacco sales.

We all know what smoking can lead to numerous health problems and sickness as you get older. You are too fresh, lively and amazing to have sickness from cigarette smoking creep up to you.

From U-T San Diego:

“‘We’re really talking about a horrendous burden on low-income and communities of color, where tobacco retailers are more highly concentrated,’ Henriksen said. ‘The kinds of stores in those communities contain more ads for cigarettes, and they also have more underage sales violations.’

A spokesman for Philip Morris’ parent company, Altria Group, which manufactures Marlboro cigarettes, said in a statement that the company is ‘committed to responsibly marketing its cigarettes to adult smokers.’”

Read more at UTSanDiego.com

SO Ladies, How can we change this?? Why do YOU feel they market to young African Americans??


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