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You vs. You! Stop The Sabotage

It’s time to re-energize and start shifting your focus! Moving forward is an important part of growth. But sometimes we hinder our own growth and don’t realize how detrimental it can be. Here are three ways you’re sabotaging yourself from being the best you can be:

Hit The Brakes On The Negative Thoughts- This is probably the most common issue people have. It’s so easy to think “It’s never going to happen” rather than “Just because it didn’t happen today, doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying”. Positivity is like karma. When you put it in the atmosphere, it will come back around to you.

Skip The Comfort Highway- It’s okay to be comfortable but don’t let comfort allow you to forget about your goals. The ease of being in a daily routine can make the thought of something new seem inconvenient.

Override Fear-If an opportunity presents itself and the fear of failing kept you from going for it, you’ve already lost. Despite how people seem to be living their best lives on social media, they’ve had failures too. Everyone does, however, often times you grow from them.

Yeah, you got it!

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Pause! Chill On Freshman Fears

The thought of starting your college career can bring excitement, but it can also bring tons of anxiety. However you’re feeling, just know this: College is a great learning experience and teaches the importance of independence. You’ll meet lifelong friends PLUS earn a degree. It’s a win win! Now, if you’re still feeling some type of way, here are a few ways to calm your nerves.

Roomie Connect- Normally you find out who your roommate is before you leave for school. Message them on social media and introduce yourself. Exchange phone numbers! They are the first friend you’ll make on campus and they’re probably just as nervous as you.

College Rundown- Preview events give you a chance to see the school without the bustle of all the students. You’ll get a feel for all the clubs, organizations, and sports teams that you can be apart of too.

Chat With A Grad-No one will be able to give you more in-depth and honest advice about your college than someone who already went there. They’ve been through it already and have a lot of valuable knowledge to pass down, like where the best spots to eat on campus are or what classes are easy A’s.

An there ya go!



Tia B., Content Editor

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Summer Break x Style Guide

School’s out and it’s time to start making plans for the summer. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you look good doing it. Check out these stylish trends that will be poppin’ all summer long:

  • Off The Shoulder Top: These tops are super cute for the summer when you and your friends are hanging around enjoying some summer mocktails or if you and bae decide to kick it for a date.
  • Futuristic Sunglasses: This season, everyone is rocking sunglasses that have a year 3000 look to them. This includes defined shapes and bold colors. It’s a fun look that adds personality to a simple outfit.
  • Athleisure: The athleisure look is one isn’t going out of style anytime soon. Being cute and fashionable while also being comfy is a major key. Try a matching tracksuit with a cute pair of sneakers that pop.



-Tia B., Content Editor

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Summer Break Sippin’

You made it through finals week + even graduations! It’s time to raise your glass in an ultimate toast of conquering teacher lectures, rants from your parents and ultimate “cram a year in one night” sessions! You don’t have to be 21 to enjoy the flavorful concoction of summertime cocktails. MOCKtails are non-alcoholic drinks that you can make with friends and still feel fancy! Check out these recipes below:

Blueberry Mojito

6-8 mint leaves
Handful of fresh Blueberries slightly muddled together
2oz of Lime juice
2oz of Simple Syrup
Splash of Club soda
Directions: Add Ice. Shake.
*You can substitute blueberries for strawberries

Virgin Paloma

1.5oz Lime juice
1oz Grapefruit juice
1oz Agave syrup
Healthy pinch of salt
Directions: Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake with ice. Strain over ice into a Collins glass and top with soda

Moscow Mule

1oz Lime juice
0.5 cup of ginger beer
1 tbsp simple syrup
2oz Tonic water
Directions: Add ingredients in a glass and stir well. Garnish with a slice of lime and a slice of fresh ginger


Lay back + sip. We won’t stress you with the thought of summer school, yet!

Tia B, Content Editor

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Finals Survival Kit!

Yay! The school year is almost over! The only thing left to conquer is finals week. The pressure of studying everything you’ve learned this year is on. But don’t stress too much because we’ve put together Final Exams Survival Kit that will get you through.

    1. Noise Cancelling Headphones – Headphones that cancel out all outside noises allow you to focus on the task at hand.
    2. Your favorite snacks – Use your favorite snacks as a reward for getting through that first chapter or memorizing formulas.
    3. Fresh Supplies – We all know how fresh supplies at the beginning of the school year make us feel good and put us in learning mode. Well, bring back that same energy during finals week with a fresh pack of pencils, highlighters, and sticky notes.

    4. Caffeine – Caffeine can give you that energy boost you’ll need when it starts to get late and you still have a sufficient amount of work to get done. Whether in the form of coffee or energy drink, make sure you consume in moderation.
    5. Emergen-C : During finals week we dedicate long nights to studying and therefore result in less sleep, which weakens our immune system. Keep a packet of Emergen-C nearby just in case you start to feel a little under the weather.

You’re almost at the finish line! So don’t blow it, love. We’re ready to see your victory dance after you crush this semester!

Tia B., Content Editor

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Dear Mama!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and everyone is asking everyone else the big question: “What should I get my mom for Mother’s Day?” Well, just know that moms are usually content with cards and hugs but here are three suggestions if you’re looking to go the extra mile:

1. Let’s Nibble with Edible Arrangements! These crafty flower shaped fruit baskets are a treat that will win mom over every single time.

2. Soothing Spa Gift Basket! Put together some facial masks, a cleansing bar, shower gel, and a loofah. This is a great idea because you can design it yourself with the scents you know she’ll love.

3. Light Up Your Mom’s Heart With Candles! Candles are a great “when in doubt” option. There are a multitude of scents to choose from as well as different shapes and sizes. Our faves this season are Lumiere by Lisa!

Here’s the bright side; even if you don’t pick the perfect gift your mom will still love you!


Tia B., Content Editor

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All-Nighters Playlist!

The light at the end of second semester is so close it’s  blinding you!  We’ve put together the ultimate playlist to get you through your last set of  all-nighters.  Hit play + lock in!

Nice For What – Drake
All The Stars – Kendrick Lamar ft. SZA
Freaky Friday – Lil Dicky ft Chris Brown
Look Alive – Bloc Boy JB ft. Drake
Pray for Me – The Weeknd ft Kendrick Lamar
New Freezer – Rich The Kid ft Kendrick Lamar
Chloe x Halle- Money Everywhere


Top Off – DJ Kahled ft Beyonce, Jay-Z, Future
I Do- Cardi B. Feat SZA
Best Life – Cardi B ft Chance The Rapper

You’ll Thank Us Later!

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Weekend Fresh!


Happy weekend, loves!

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Press Play: Trevor Jackson!

Summer is creeping up & we’re always in need of a dope playlist to get us moving at the next kickback, right? Well, we perked up our musical ears + gave a listen to Trevor Jackson’s Rough Drafts Pt. 1. and we’re feeling it… a lot! See what C.O.R.E had to say about it!


“I listened to Rough Drafts Pt. 1 and it exceeded my expectations. This album is fire! All of the songs tell a story and give off a dope R&B/Hip-Hop vibe. A few songs that I especially like are My House, Anakin, Right Now, and How That Sound. This album proved how mature Trevor actually is and how he’s not only an actor but he’s also got serious vocals too. Plus, he can dance! This guy is a true triple threat and I’ll be singing along to his album all summer.” -Tia B., Content Editor

Give it a listen! You’ll thank us later!

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5 Click-Worthy Shows!

Spring break is here! Sure, it’s fun to catch up with your homegirls but what’s really better than snuggling up with your drizzled in butter popcorn + binge watching your fave shows. Wondering what to click on your screen, yeah well we go you covered!


1. Seven Seconds- Who doesn’t love a good crime series with tons of twists + turns? Well, Seven Seconds should be your pick!

2. Grown-ish- From the style to the definitely real-life college experience we absolutely had to put new hit show Grown-ish on our list!

3. Stranger Things – Did someone say thrilling drama? Yep, well Stranger Things is calling your name!

4. 13 Reasons Why- Get caught up with the dramatic twists + turns in 13 Reasons Why this spring!

5. Black Lightning- We’re totally here for super heroes, especially when it includes dope, fly girl sheroes!


Happy Binge Watching!

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