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Beauty Diary x Taylor!

Scroll through the beauty diary of Louisiana based teen makeup artist, Taylor Jones! 

What city do you live in?
I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

Beauty is all about being comfortable in your own skin + having fun! What are 2 beauty trends you’re loving this year?
Two beauty trends that I’m currently loving are glossy eyelids and A BLINDING HIGHLIGHTER!

If you had only 15 seconds to grab 3 beauty products, what would they be?
If I only had 15 seconds to grab three beauty products they would be my favorite lashes Malia V-Lux by ienvy, my favorite lipgloss Maybelline Shine Shot Prismatic Lip TopCoat, and my Laura Geller Highlighter Gilded Honey.

Beauty inspo is everything! Who’s your ultimate beauty icon + why?
My ultimate beauty icon has to be Aaliyah Jay. I’ve been watching her youtube since she started and has always loved her personality. She recently posted that she’ll be more into editorial makeup now, and that’s something I want to venture off into so I’m looking forward to that.

Getting ready for class can be fun but stressful if you’re in a time crunch, what’s one beauty must-have that lives in your book bag?
One beauty must have that will stay in my book bag is lipgloss!! I always keep lipgloss or some type of lip balm.

What’s your number 1 beauty rule?
My number one beauty rule is love yourself with and without makeup!

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Instagram: @dnamestay + @makeupbytrj

Beauty Diary x Taiwo!


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Scroll through the beauty diary of  UK based beauty teen blogger, Sharifah Taiwo Ojeniyi! 

What city do you live in?
A small town in Kent, England.

Beauty is all about being comfortable in your own skin + having fun! What are 2 beauty trends you’re loving this year?
I am currently loving the glittery eyeshadow and the gold highlighter, especially from Fenty beauty!

If you had only 15 seconds to grab 3 beauty products, what would they be?
I would grab my eyebrow pencil, false lashes, and liquid eyeliner which is my number one favourite!

Beauty inspo is everything! Who’s your ultimate beauty icon + why?
My number one beauty Icon is Jackie Ania because she is really honest when it comes to reviewing beauty products and relatable to girls like me. Also, Instagram makeup has inspired me to create my makeup look because I really like how it appears on photographs.

Getting ready for class can be fun but stressful if you’re in a time crunch, what’s one beauty must-have that lives in your book bag?
False lash glue and lip balm, in case my lips are dry!

What’s your number 1 beauty rule?
Always be satisfied with your makeup look before you go out!

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Beauty Diary x Joanna Sarah!

Scroll through the beauty diary of  New Jersey based beauty teen blogger, Joanna Sarah!
What city do you live in?
I live in Ocean, which is a town right next to the Jersey Shore.

Beauty is all about being comfortable in your own skin + having fun! What are 2 beauty trends you’re loving this year?

I’m loving the bare minimal look that everyone is into now, where it’s just your eyebrows and a lipstick.

If you had only 15 seconds to grab 3 beauty products, what would they be?

That’s hard. I would grab my Maybelline eyebrow powder, a nude lipstick, and a gold highlight.

Beauty inspo is everything! Who’s your ultimate beauty icon + why?

I actually have two ultimate beauty icons – Zendaya and Yara Shahidi. I love them as people and everything they stand for. They always rock their natural hair and their natural beauty, which I love. I believe that natural beauty is the best beauty and they represent that in an amazing way.

Getting ready for class can be fun but stressful if you’re in a time crunch, what’s one beauty must-have that lives in your book bag?

Vaseline without a doubt. Vaseline is my substitute for chapstick. Plus you can honestly use Vaseline for anything.
What’s your number 1 beauty rule?

Do what you like. It is so important for girls to ignore the comments and opinions of others and just do what makes them happy. If you like to wear a full face everyday, then go for it. If you’re more of a do your makeup for special occasions only, then that’s completely fine. If you want to wear wigs because you don’t feel like doing your hair, then go ahead. Society shouldn’t determine how we take care of ourselves.

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Beauty Diary x Toni Bryanne!

Scroll through the beauty diary of  New Jersey based beauty vlogger, Toni Bryanne!

What city do you live in? Roselle, NJ

If you had only 15 seconds to grab 3 beauty products, what would they be?
Eyebrow pencil, lip gloss, and BB cream

Beauty inspo is everything! Who’s your ultimate beauty icon + why?
My ultimate beauty icon is Rihanna. She’s drop dead gorgeous and could probably make a trash bag look good. From reviews I’ve heard about Fenty Beauty, I know it’s diverse, affordable, and very high-end. I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on Fenty Beauty yet, but I know I must!

You did an empowering vlog focusing on how black girls + women are stereotyped. How do you continue to embrace who you are + confidently love yourself?
Being a young black women in a society constantly telling me I’m not good enough pushes me to want to do better. I know my brown skin is beautiful and I have to remind myself I am not the vast stereotypes held against black women and black beauty. When I posted that video I was afraid of holding the stereotypes as the “angry black woman”, but I knew I had to speak my truth no matter how many views I received or how many people felt that stereotype fit my persona. Loving myself is loving others and teaching black women around me their beauty and strength they have. I know myself and black women are destined to take over the world and inspire people worldwide.

Hair can be such a fun accessory! What’s your fave hairstyle to rock + why?
One thing about me is that I always like to keep my hair very simple. I would say my favorite hairstyle is a sleek side part low ponytail. I like this look because while my hair is tamed and neat, the side part adds a fierce component to the look. Although I am ashamed to say I don’t really like unleashing my curls in a fro, twist out, or braid out as much as I used to a few years ago, I can say I have always been natural and truly love and embrace my curls. I prefer natural hair over straight hair any day.

Being a girl on-the-go can be stressful, what’s one beauty must-have that lives in your bag?
One beauty must-have that lives in my bag is lip gloss. If I leave my house without lip gloss in my bag, I have a mini breakdown. Chapped lips is a no go for me!

If you’re easing your way into makeup, where’s a good place to start? Eyes? Lips?
The best place to start when starting makeup is the eyes. Start off with trying different mascaras and work your way into using eyeliner first and then eye shadows. One tip I can give to girls starting to get into makeup is that it takes practice, and it’ll most likely look a little crazy the first time (trust me I know)! Don’t compare yourself to these experienced makeup gurus!

What’s your number 1 beauty rule?
My number one beauty rule is to BLEND, BLEND, BLEND! Blend your concealer, blend your contour, blend your eye shadow, just blend everything! I promise you’ll thank me and love me after you take that advice!

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Slay Your Braids!

Looking for a dope new hairstyle to rock this fall? Well, braids are always in and we know the girl who can design a unique braiding pattern for you. Based in the New Jersey and New York City area, Kassandra Stafford is a hairstylist known for her creative braiding artistry. She started her own hair business, GetSlayedByKass, at the age of 18 and her craftsmanship as well as her clientele has heightened since then. Working with major influencers like beauty blogger Isabel Bedoya and social media maven Aggyabby, Kassandra has begun to put herself on the map.

Let’s get to know Kassandra a little better…

Who or what inspired you to start braiding hair?

I’ve been braiding hair since I was about 14. I’ve always liked the versatility of having so many styles with natural hair or adding extensions. When it comes to hair, options are endless. Braiding gave me a chance to not only express myself but to teach myself a skill that is now in high demand. I practiced until I perfected it. And naturally, like most hobbies, once you see you’re getting good at something, it motivates you to want more out of yourself. I asked myself, “What can I do to take my skills to the next level?” That’s when I developed some of my own techniques that helped me become a faster, neater and more creative braider at the same time.

What makes your braiding styles stand out from other styles?

I would say my parting designs. The cleaner the part, the neater the design looks.


Where do you see your business in the next five years?

BOOMING! I really want to travel out of state and have clients in different places. Expanding my brand is important to me and I noticed that my followers are from various places. So I’d like to be able to provide services all over the world. That’s one of my major goals.

We all have tough days when we’re feeling down. What motivates you to stay positive?

Honestly, art. To be given the ability to create amazing things for people and put smiles on people’s faces tops it all. I’ve really learned how to exercise my skill and use it to my advantage. So I guess you can say that the dedication of doing something that I love keeps me motivated.


We are all about EMPOWERMENT. What does empowerment mean to you?

Right now, working as an independent, self taught hair stylist makes me feel empowered. When I started my journey in branding and promoting @GetSlayedByKass, that is when reality started to hit me. Since December of 2016 when I opened my business page on Instagram, I’ve been able to establish good relationships in the beauty industry with well-known brands and social media influencers all because people are interested in my work. Whenever I receive positive feedback on my work, it makes me feel like the work I’m putting in is worth it. That makes me feel confident, nonetheless proud.


Time for Faves! Celeb crush? Artist? Food? Movie?

My celebrity crush would have to be Chris Brown. He’s an all around great entertainer. Love him!

Artist? I’d say right now I’m really feeling SZA. She gives me that 90’s vibe sometimes. I really like how soulful her songs are.

Food? It would have to be rice and beans with green olives. I could probably eat that everyday.
Movie? My all time favorite movie is Selena with the beautiful Jennifer Lopez. I can’t remember how many times I’ve seen it, laughed and cried. It’ll never get old.

Check out more of Kassandra below:

Instagram: GetSlayedByKass / Facebook: GetSlayedByKass

Interview by Tia Banks

Summer Strands Switch Up!

( ChloeandHalle)

Summertime is here + that means a remix to your strands is in order! With the temps heating up + your jam-packed summertime sched of summer school, pool parties and keeping your IG stories updated, your hair can be fun, chic + easy to manage. Check out these fresh styles:

( Post)


Let it go + wash n’ go! – Just breathe! A little advice for your tresses.  Embrace the humidity + heat and allow your curls to flourish. Remember, to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! You can let you hair air dry but you don’t want the sun stealing all that good ol’ coconut oil


Braided beauty! On-the-go all summer and don’t want to be stressed about doing your hair every day? Braids + twists are awesome protective styles that are super easy to manage. Remember, don’t forget your scalp when wearing braids and to cleanse + feed your scalp. Apple Cider Vinegar + peppermint oil are both great opts!


Lovin’ locs! We’re all about creating chic styles with your flavorful locs. Try to avoid excessive tension from styles and pulling the hair back. Too tight and it can lead to traction alopecia, causing bald spots on varies places of the scalp. Sometimes you need to just let your locs hang loose and free.


Sew it up, sew it up! Want a whole new vibe? Sew ins + clip-ins are fun options for an instant makeover! Use a moisturizer on the nape and edges of your hair, if you have any hair out, be sure to gently moisturize that as well and try to reach your scalp at least twice a week.


Headwrap heatwave! A quick fix of skipping out on a bad hair day is a fresh wrap! Keep a boldly printed wrap nearby for a dope accessory that can can complete your entire look.

( The Wrap Life)

Chic hats! – Block the sun + look stylish at the same time! A must-have this season, wide brim hats can add an effortlessly cool touch to any outfit.




3 Easy Fall Breakfast Ideas!


By Brittney Grant from

Check out these 3 easy, breakfast ideas for work and school!
 CHOBANI Greek Yogurt – Strawberry
 QUAKER Old Fashion Oats
 Fresh Raspberries
 Fresh Blueberries
PREP TIME: 2 minutes
 1 Red Apple
 1 Yellow Apple
 Peanut Butter
 Rolled Oats
PREP TIME: 5 minutes
 SMUCKERS – Chunky Peanut Butter
 2 slice Whole -Wheat Bread
 1 Banana (sliced)
1. Lightly toast bread
2. Top with peanut butter.
3. Add banana slices.
PREP TIME: 2 minutes
Try + Taste!

The Pursuit of “GOOD FOOD”

What is good food? Within the context, the group creates two arguments, healthy food which is defined as any natural foods believed to promote or sustain good health (or foods containing essential nutrients that are grown without the use of pesticides and has a low-sodium or fat content), good tasting food defined as

Brittney Grant of

Brittney Grant of

any savory food with a pleasant and fairly strong flavor (or food that is appetizing).

Both arguments are justifiable needless to say the paradigm within our food distribution system often times denies people in lower income communities the access to healthy high quality foods.

For decades, low-income communities have struggled with the lack of access to healthy, affordable food as many lack full-service grocery stores or farmer’s markets where residents have access to high-quality fruits, vegetables and whole-grains. Even with the recent rise of gentrification in many low-income neighborhoods, the quality of accessible healthy food has only merely improved. Many low-income neighborhoods remain stricken by unhealthy fast-food chains that serve high-cholesterol, nutrient–poor, foods at relatively low prices and with frequent consumption may lead to weight gain, lack of essential nutrients consumption, high cholesterol among many others.

When accessible, healthy food tends to be more expensive in terms of fiscal cost while foods containing added sugars and fats are generally inexpensive and more readily available in low-income communities. Even when healthy food is available, fresh produce including fruits vegetables, dairy and meat, it is often of the poorest quality.

In the pursuit of good food one must be willing to go the distance, whether it means traveling to neighborhoods outside of your own or shopping online to cut cost, all efforts are regarded in matters of sustaining a healthier life. Most importantly you must be willing to pay more for quality food, “good food”.







Although the most expensive on the list Whole Foods Market has some of the finest natural and organic foods available as it maintains one of the strictest quality standards in the industry. It’s wide variety of organic produce, large selection of locally grown food and products in addition to sustainable agriculture makes Whole Foods a lead contender of places to shop for “good food”.

TRADER JOE’S- (1,2,4)

Trader Joe’s is the most widely used place to shop for healthy food, as it is arguably the most affordable in terms of monetary cost. Trader Joe’s does an excellent job at providing great food at great prices. It offers a variety of products including gourmet foods, organic foods, vegetarian foods, frozen foods, imported wine and beer among many others, 80% of which bear one of its own brand names.


Although solely available online, Thrive Market has qualities of both whole foods and trader joe’s. Thrive Market is the first socially conscious online store offering the world’s best-selling natural and organic products at wholesale prices. Carrying over 2,500 of the highest quality food, supplements, home, personal care, and beauty products from over 400 of the best brands on the market at 25-50% off regular retail prices, Thrive Market is definitely one of best places to shop for “good food” at super affordable prices.

Visit and try Thrive Market for FREE!

FARMER’S MARKET- (1,2,3,4)

The Farmer’s Market is the best place to get sustainable, locally – grown, organic produce. In addition to providing high quality natural and organic produce, shopping at your local farmer’s market helps. Support community agriculture and local business.

Check out to find local farmer’s market locations in NYC.

In search of any additional organic food markets in your neighborhood? Check out ‘The Ultimate List of Organic Stores” for yummy + nutritious food from


-Brittney Grant of

Send For The Sunscreen!

Summer is officially here which means more time in the sun. Here are some facts and tips to help you stay safe not only all summer, but all year around.



Sunlight is made up of UV rays, waves of light that comes from the sun and is invisible to the naked eye. There are three types that can be easily broken down like such:

UVA = causes the breakdown of elastin and collagen, which causes the skin to sag aiding in the aging of skin

UVB = causes the skin to burn

UVC = only reaches the earth’s surface through holes in the ozone layer

UVA rays (long waves) are powerful enough to penetrate both clouds and glass

They are present during all daylight hours throughout the year. For UVB rays (short waves), they do not significantly penetrate glass, but they do reflect off both snow and ice double exposing you to their harm. UVB rays are most prevalent during the months of April and October between the hours of 10a.m. and 4p.m.

Excessive exposure to UV radiation can cause genetic mutations in the body causing skin cancer. One in five Americans will develop skin cancer once in their lifetime, and despite your skin tone or ethnicity, everyone… everyone is at risk of developing skin cancer.

We know, it’s a lot of information but we need you beauties to be informed! Skin cancer is a very serious issue, but with these tips and some of our favorite sunscreen products, we will help you get all the protection you need!



There are two types of sunscreens on the market right now. Physical and chemical. Physical sunscreens work by reflecting UV rays off top of the skin and because they filter UVA and UVB rays they’re considered broad spectrum. Chemical sunscreens penetrate the skin and can take up to 30 minutes to take effect. Those with sensitive skin tend to like a physical sunscreen being that it doesn’t penetrate the skin. While those with deeper skin tones might prefer a chemical sunscreen due to the fact physical sunscreens tend to leave a gray cast.

To keep it simple, just remember the number 2! Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours, use up to two ounces on the body (one shot glass full) and replace your sunscreen every 2 years!

Simple enough, right? Right! Here are so of our best sunscreen for all your sun care needs!

Best In Overall Body

Use a SPF between 30 and 50. Anything lower will not give you the protection you need, anything higher will cause you to neglect your skin and not apply every two hours.

Best For Face

Both sunscreens can be used on all skin tones without the fear of making face complexions appear ashy. Also, if you use a face treatment serum that allows your dark spots and age marks to diminish, using a sunscreen is vital. Using a product like Clinique’s Even Better Serum, and not using a sunscreen will reverse the treatment making dark marks appear darker.


Best in Beauty

Either one of these products can be applied directly over makeup, giving you the protection you need and helping your makeup to last all day.

Lips & Hands

The first signs of aging can be seen though our hands and lips, these are two of the most common places we tend to forget when we apply sunscreen.


Autumn Marie

Condish Your Strands!

With wash and go season fast approaching. Here are our top five favorite conditioners to get you prep!


Corse, curly, wavy or over processed hair:

One might decide this texture as dry, unmanageable, and or frizzy. Conditioner aids in all three. When hair is conditioned properly (equally parts water to conditioner) hair instantly becomes softer to the touch.  While detangling corse, curly, wavy or over proceeded hair with conditioner, not only are you eliminating frizz by smoothing the conditioner on the your hair with your hands, but also exposing your true curl pattern (for my ladies who rock wash-and-goes, this step is extremely important).

Straight hair: One may describe this hair as oily toward the scalp and drier, frizzy (fly-a-ways) on the ends. When using conditioner, use it only on the ends to keep hair from being weighed down. Again, smoothing the conditioner with your hands is important to keep frizz at bay before blow drying.

Everything starts with moisture. The only true way to get moisture in your hair, is at the start of your hair routine. Shampooing with the right shampoo and of course conditioning. When hair is properly moisturized the results of your curly style and even your blowout last much longer hut most importantly looks way healthier.

Top Five Fav Conditioners!

Hair Rules Quench- $29.99


Aussie Moist – $5.49


Dry Bar Sake Bomb- $24.00


Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious


Tresemme Luxurious Moisture – $5.98


-Beauty Editor, Autumn Marie